Economic Benefits of Being Beautiful

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    For Entrepreneurs: Bring Your Whole Self to Work

    I recently caught Doug Melville, the Chief Diversity Officer for North America TBWA Worldwide, passionately utilizing his story to encourage young, minority men and women before him to start their own business.

    He seamlessly wove his past experiences, from working with Britney Spears to Tommy Hilfiger, Magic Johnson and President Obama into each point, illustrating how diligence in one area may lead entrepreneurs to success in another. However, for the sake of the blog, I’ve kept my recap simlpe, but for the celeb filled version, I encourage you to check him out in person.

    How to Turn Your Idea Into A Business Solution

    More than a business plan, you need a presentation deck (PPT). One that’s clear, concise and takes no more than 15 minutes to present. The 8 steps below serve as the perfect guide for this decks contents.

    1. Determine, then simplify the Problem: What is the world missing? 2. Determine, then simplify the Solution: What is your idea to fix that problem? 3. Establish the Money Model: How will your idea make money? There are 4 common models: Subscription, selling hard goods and services, selling ad space and membership fees. 4. Establish Your Underlying Magic: What is the secret sauce, what is your secret weapon - i.e. is it customer data? 5. Outline the Marketing & Sales Strategy: How are you telling people, what are the margins on the product? 6. Note Competitors and Members on the Team: Who else is out there? 7. Project into The Future: Precisely 3 years out. Anymore than that and the landscape could be totally different. 8. Make Clear the Status & Timeline: Put down key dates so people will know how long you’ve been dedicated. Include key moments such as, product launches, social media dates, etc.

    Now that your business deck is ready, here are a few tips to keep in mind when moving forward with your business or even life in general.

    1. Keep in mind your reputation proceeds you. 2. Enjoy the ride. Make the most of the moments. 3. Know the people you see everyday. How many of the same people do we look at everyday but don’t speak to or avoid? 4. You pay for what you don’t know. Learn every aspect of what you do. Eventually you will have to pay for it, and you’ll need to avoid getting taken advantage of. Also, determine your biggest expense and partner with a person/business to avoid running out of money quickly. 5. Focus on your strengths not weaknesses. 6. Always be yourself no matter what. You’ll have to pitch your business and repeat yourself so many times and people will know when you’re lying.

    Hope you enjoyed this smart simplification of a b-plan (putting pen to paper) when getting started, because the journey itself maybe treacherous. Best of luck! 

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    "The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday."
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    The Allure of McCann


    This image, a 1945 ad for McCann, was semi-recently sent out to the company. And I found it both humbling and inspiring.

    A 100+ year old company can be staggeringly slow to adopt, and when it comes to advertising, despite the handful of classic traditional agencies, it’s usually the smaller, more nimble shops that push creative boundaries and find the most innovative solutions.

    But I’m a large shop kind of girl, and in my three year tenure, there’s been a lot of change. Management changes, client changes, leadership changes. There were times when it was painful to watch the Agency struggle to find itself, win new business and merge with the new.

    However, as accounts are won and lost and people come and go, McCann found success by relentlessly reconnecting with its DNA.

    This ad serves as a reminder that sometimes it’s good to know your roots!

    Thankful for my experiences at the agency, here are a few historical highlights from this place I’ve come to respect.

    - Best agency tagline ever: “The Truth Well
    - 1st U.S. advertising agency to bill $100 million
       in TV/radio sales 
    - Home to Dr. Seuss before he left to become
       Dr. Seuss
    - Genius behind the first tweet from space
    - Integral agency on Mad Men

    To my first work home in the big city, ”this is just a tribute” - Tenacious D

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    Donate energy to save a phone. Donate blood to save a life. 

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    to the right people finding you while chasing your dreams

    to the right people finding you while chasing your dreams

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    20 Years Ago a Student; Today a Mastermind

    As the stars aligned, both literally and figuratively, on what would be Kim Kardashian’s 3rd and most spectacular wedding and with the month that follows marking the 20th year anniversary of the O.J. Simpson trial, I’m taking a moment to reflect on what I consider to be my greatest missed opportunity on the conference circuit - an intimate conversation on brand & content building with Kris Jenner via AdWeek.

    The June 2014 issue of Vanity Fair dubbed the O.J. Simpson trial “the 1st reality TV series.” And since I grew up watching Real World on MTV and know better, I agree only if we caveat “for the masses.”

    The O.J. Simpson trial lasted from June 94 - Oct 95 and during that time regularly scheduled programming experienced daily interruptions - even game 5 of the NBA Championship series between the Houston Rockets and the New York Knicks was no exception.

    The trial was undeniable, epic and the first of it’s kind. 95 million Americans watched the famous car chase (5 million more than watched the Superbowl that year). And Kris had a front row seat, wife to the defense lawyer, vacation buddy to the defendant, and best friend to the murdered victim.

    As the nation was forced to consume trial coverage, a new pop culture phenomenon emerged. VF reports that during the trial, 74% of Americans could identify Kateo Kaelin, O.J.’s houseguest while only 25% could identify Vice President, Al Gore. It was a new type of fame. A “fame not contingent upon  winning a competition or displaying a skill or talent…” Those taking part in the trial, and those later featured in Keeping Up With the Kardashians, “do nothing, and that’s their genius, their special gift. They’re celebrated for purely being quote themselves unquote.” - VF

    Although, Keeping Up with The Kardashians didn’t materialize until 12 years after the trial, Kris stayed connected to reality TV as it emerged. Step mom to The Hills star Brody Jenner, and close friend to Faye Resnick Real Housewives star and godmother to Nicky Hilton, she was somehow at the center of it. But unlike those who came before her, she has taken her loved ones and propelled them into a spotlight that has sustained in a way that no other reality franchise has. 

    And arguably her most famous daughter, Kim, is reportedly making $21 million for simply providing photos and access to her most recent wedding, just less than 3 years after making $17 million from showcasing her previous wedding.

    So whether you’re for or against this notion of “reality” and the content it provides, you have to appreciate, that at least for Kris Jenner, in a world where people spend their whole lives trying to figure out who they are, she has mastered the art of not only being herself, but profiting from it in its most simple form. Taking the lessons from her past and applying them now; most definitely a noteworthy brand. Kudos.

    Next conference she speaks at I’ll be in the front taking notes.

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    Solutions beyond product offerings to improve quality of life. Strength in big ideas.

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    Knowledge, innovation, creativity, relevance. Let’s change the world. A “drinkable book.”

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    CTA: Act Now

    I recently read a book entitled, Die Empty, by Todd Henry, and despite the intensely morbid headline, the book contained some great career-based, thought starters for living a life with little-to-no regret.

    "Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve encountered to help me make big choices in life." - Steve Jobs

    This book had several overarching themes, but for me, three main takeaways emerged.

    1) Contribute
    You have a unique contribution to make to the world that no else can make for you. This contribution will become clear the more you are willing to try new things and develop your skills.

    2) Avoid Complacency
    You must be willing to disrupt your own comfort for the sake of continued growth. Safety isn’t really an option, it’s an illusion - a temporary reprieve from the inevitable.

    3) Stay Connected
    Establishing genuine connections with others prevents guardedness from infecting your life and closing yourself off to others. Pursue relationships that keep you on track with your goals.

    If the above got me thinking, the below had me doing.

    1. Determine Your Life’s Work
    What trigger’s your primal instincts?
    What’s worth fighting for?
    2. Pick Your Battles
    3. Have a Sacred Place
    Have a place or time of day where you’re able to think about who you are and what you will be without interruption
    4. Beware the Curse of Familiarity
    Due to high levels of awareness the tendency is to fall under the false impression you understand something you may not

    At the end of the day: “Forget title, pay grade or how the world would rate your relative success or failure - the only question that matters is - Can I lay my head down tonight satisfied with the work I did today?”

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    The Dreamers, The Doers and the Incrementalists

    From time to time we all have great ideas, but the reality is most ideas never happen.

    Whether you are a Dreamer, Doer or Incrementalist; it’s believed that anyone can make ideas happen. As a self-identified Incrementalist, I’ve included a few noteworthy nuggets from Scott Belsky,, when he spoke at HOW Design a few years back.

    Best Practices for Making Your Ideas Happen

    1. Share ideas liberally. It creates accountability and generates feedback.
    2. Share ownership and credit of ideas. There’s value in having others participate even if their work is not as good.
    3. Seek competition and find your catalyst to complete your product.

    4. Generate ideas in moderation. A surplus of ideas can be just as dangerous as a drought.
    5. Spend time and energy staying organized.
    6. Organize with with a bias to action - i.e. focus on action items
    7. Don’t let today trump tomorrow. Keep two lists: 1) urgent and 2) long term

    8. Have a system that kills off ideas (but never during brainstorming). Bad ideas can take a team off track
    9. Don’t be burdened by consensus. Locate and hold onto the extremes and compromise on the rest.
    10. Overcome the negative stigma of self-marketing. People need to be told what they’re looking at.

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    Self imposed limits. Clients/Agency/Individuals all guilty.

    Self imposed limits. Clients/Agency/Individuals all guilty.

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    "You want to know for whom, look at your work. Who does it celebrate, who does it put down, who does it think is beautiful, who does it think is ugly, what work are you doing, what study? We can see it in there. We don’t have to ask you nothing, you give me your poetry or literature, I read it and I know a lot about you just from reading that."
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    Leadership is Action, Not Position

    Sharing a few insights learned in my 2013 Management 101 training class: 

    When managing others, thinking and inspiring is more important than doing. And the people most thoughtful about their leadership are typically the ones who are promoted fastest.

    But the higher up you go, the further out and more flexible you’ll need to be in your thinking. Below are a few ways to do this: 

    1) Be strategic with your leadership, consider:
        a) What’s the task? (most ppl stop here)
        b) What’s the right team?
        c) How do I motivate?

    2) Be situational. Your leadership style should
        change depending on who’s in front of
        you. When appropriate: 
        a) Support
        b) Coach
        c) Delegate and/or
        d) Direct

    3) Believe you’re only as good as your
        weakest link.
        a) It only takes one person to completely
        change the team dynamic.
        b) And you are responsible for the
        performance of your staff.

    Lastly: “Great leadership is about human experiences, not process. It’s not a formula or program; it’s a human activity that comes from the heart.” - Anon

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